Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a core part of the Quorum offer.

We have been providing managed hosting services since 2016. Since then we have designed and delivered infrastructure solutions for a wide range of customers. Our services provide secure hosting with high availability and NGESO communications for access to the Balancing Mechanism (EDT and EDL).

We match the resources we provide to the scale of your operations, with all of the benefits you need via Tier 3, ISO27001 certified data centres.


We work closely with NGESO to ensure that all infrastructure solutions comply with system operators requirements. We will discuss your needs and design a solution for you that reflects the scale and complexity of your portfolio. Operational communications with your control rooms, trading desks and sites can be established via a wide range of industry standard protocols to ensure compatibility with your established IT estate.

Data Centres

Hosting services are delivered via long established relationships with some of the industry’s best data centre providers. These give you access to high availability facilities designed to provide the reliability and exceptional up time required to support true 24/7 operations.

Cloud Services

Flexibility and responsiveness are increasingly important features of any infrastructure solution. By offering cloud-based options via Microsoft Azure we ensure that resource intensive analysis and modelling can be executed at pace and that your systems have the ability to handle the volume of data you need.


Cybersecurity is a critical consideration. All infrastructure provided by Quorum is delivered by ISO27001 certified facilities ensuring you of internationally recognised standards of information security. We will also engage with you to define security requirements aligned to your own policies and procedures so that appropriate measures can be taken to assure compliance.


Delivering flexibility in electricity markets relies on effective systems integration to ensure efficient execution of a wide range of processes from trading to delivery and settlement. Our experience of delivering integration between systems enables highly configurable automation of key processes to minimise latency and optimise operating efficiency.


All infrastructure solutions provided by Quorum are designed to ensure resilience to failure. Data centres provide three levels of redundancy as standard with an uptime SLA of 99.982%. We have added high availability measures to improve this further and reduce risk of outage. Should an outage occur, redundancy on communications components minimises risk to key system components such as EDL links.