Managing imbalance risk is absolutely key to successful energy trading. Having an automated process do this for you can deliver major benefits.

Last week we went live with the latest deployment of our Sentinel ETRM Interface (ETRMi) software product.

Our client is now able to reliably automate ECVNs, reconcile to Elexon feedback reports and track the traded position captured by their ETRM, comparing it to a dynamic Elexon view.

ETRMi is a pretty powerful tool for managing imbalance risk and we are delighted that more customers are reaping the benefits it delivers.

How does ETRMi work?

The ECVN process, which supports both additive and overwrite options, has been automated and Elexon’s feedback reports (ECVAA-I022 and ECVAA-I028) are used to update an Elexon Accepted Position automatically.

Sentinel compares the Net Traded Position to the Elexon Position and highlights any differences and anomalies. The real power lies in the ability to drill down from BSC Party to individual trades to identify the source of unexpected issues.

Delivering ETRMi with infrastructure as a service (IaaS) helps to overcome a number of technical barriers common to legacy systems, including those launched more than a decade ago.

Sentinel ETRMi is deployed on modern, flexible cloud infrastructure that can scale up as required. Automation is also key, reducing the risk of human error and speeding up routine processes without impacting on reliability or accuracy.


The system runs around the clock, so it maintains a dynamic view of events as they happen. That means ETRMi delivers a reliable baseline for production planning and short-term trading via a suite of powerful reports. These deliver real clarity and enable you to see where trading issues are and then to pinpoint the source of each problem.

The result is that you always have access to consistent, high quality decision support information to inform planning for both physical and commercial actions designed to minimise imbalance.

All of this adds up to a system that delivers peace of mind from knowing that the data is being handled efficiently and reliably and that your position is accurate around the clock. In short, ETRMi is a key part of your defence against imbalance risk and acts as an early warning system that can help minimise imbalance charges.

ETRMi has been designed and developed by a team with a detailed understanding of market processes, developed over almost 20 years since Quorum was established.

And, as it is integrated with the rest of Sentinel, ETRMi benefits from linkage to proven modules including APIs and alarms that enable streamlined integration with other parts of your IT estate and ensure that everyone knows about important changes as they happen.

Would you like a demo?

We would be delighted to present a demo of ETRMi – please email or call me on 07824 901 414 to arrange.