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MarketWatch is your 360-degree view of the Balancing Mechanism.

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Monitor key BM indicators - live

Monitor the changing status of each BMU with up to the minute BMRS data for a comprehensive picture of PN, pricing and dynamic data. Save your own custom view to focus on the units you want to monitor and get an updated position as conditions change.

MarketWatch mimics Elexon’s System Price and NIV calculations to provide updates as they happen on the direction and rate of change for these key market signals. Drill down to see individual balancing actions and the BMUs delivering them.

MarketWatch BM - System Price and NIV Tracker
MarketWatch - customisable BM dashboard

Track changes at BMU level

Visibility of key indicators beyond the current settlement period enables you to identify trends in pricing and to observe the actions being taken to balance the system up to the end of the BM window.

The ability to spot trends early and to observe the rate and direction of change in key indicators such as imbalance price and NIV can prove invaluable to pricing and dispatch planning.

The ability to tailor your view delivered superior Balancing Mechanism insight.

Gain BM insight from historical data

View and manipulate historical BM data with ease via the MarketWatch library or download it for detailed analysis. We’ve created a resource that is carefully curated to ensure its accuracy and integrity, so you have instant access to comprehensive, reliable BM data for each BMU for every Settlement Period.

MarketWatch - comprehensive historical BM data

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