All of our software products are backed by a clear service commitment.

We believe that you will only get the best from any product if we take the time to understand your specific needs and work with you throughout the life of the systems we deliver to ensure that your changing needs are met and the performance of our products continually enhanced.

Based on our record of delivering against this belief, we are proud to have developed long-term working relationships with many leading energy businesses.


Benefit from the experience we have gained through delivering a multitude of projects for clients with diverse requirements. Whether you are new to the energy market or an experienced operator we can provide consultancy on a range of industry and project issues. Our close working relationships with system operators, and many Market Participants, means that we have knowledge that can help you to overcome a multitude of problems and obstacles, smoothing the introduction of new systems or the transition from established ones.

Project Management

By working with you through the specification and design phases of your project we will develop a detailed understanding of your needs and structure the implementation process to mirror them. If this is the first time you have deployed electricity market software, our extensive market experience will be invaluable. If you’re migrating to Quorum products from other systems, our shadow mode deployment will enable you and your team to build confidence and trust in the new system before go live.


We have been providing software support services to our customers since 2002. We work within stringent service level agreements and we always strive to provide a service above the contracted level. Our response to specific issues is determined by the level of severity and priority you assign to each incident and we track all support requests via our Service Desk system keeping you informed of progress until each issue is resolved to your satisfaction.

“We’ve been really happy to work with Quorum to build out the capability to support our short-term portfolio optimisation ambitions.
Managing real-time power positions and asset flexibility across several different revenue pools is complex, but it is an essential part of our proposition to maximise revenues for our customers. “As a next generation energy company, we believe it’s important to technology-enable our business, and our work with Quorum is another step forward in efficiently scaling our customer portfolio and delivering the great trading performance, value delivery and innovation that our customers expect.”

Rob Pringle, CTO at SmartestEnergy
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