One platform from trading to settlement.

Software for energy: modular design, flexible configuration and trusted reliability.

The Quorum platform is a suite of market proven applications and interfaces designed to provide the ultimate solution for the management of electricity generation and storage assets. Modular design means individual components can be deployed to match your needs as they evolve. As a result you only pay for the features and functions you need. 

Market leading balancing services management.

Short-term trading, scheduling and battery management.

A 360 degree view of the Balancing Mechanism.

Sentinel: Market leading balancing services management.

Sentinel is widely acknowledged as industry leading software for energy businesses engaged in the delivery of balancing services in Great Britain.

It includes applications which support interaction with Elexon and NGESO throughout the business cycle, ensuring BSC and Grid Code compliance in all aspects of your balancing services provision including the Balancing Mechanism and Ancillary Services.

Dispatch automation and integration with your established IT estate streamlines key processes and reduces operational costs. Sentinel can be deployed in the cloud or on premise for added flexibility.

Sentinel Dashboard

NGESO Interfaces for BM and Ancillary Services

EDT and EDL via fixed wire and Wider Access with full BOA acceptance and execution automation.

Elexon Interfaces for Trading Parties and VLPs

Sentinel delivers a range of interfaces to the Elexon Central System to ensure that you are compliant with your BSC obligations including CVA and SVA Qualification and ECVN and MVRN management.

Automated REMIT Disclosures

Integration to your assets via EDL to track availability changes powers automated transparency disclosures for REMIT and ETR.

Configurable Dashboard for Real Time Monitoring

Customisable portfolio view and control configuration. Monitor BM and non-BM assets and integrate to EDL and Alarms.

Automated Dispatch and Metering Interfaces

APIs to support a wide range of integration points and interfaces to SCADA and DCS for auto-dispatch using a range of protocols. Operational metering for BMUs up to 100MW.

Settlement Reconciliaton and Reporting

Elexon settlement synthesis and reconciliation. PPA and contract modelling and settlement.

Customisable Alarms and Notifications

Configurable alarms and notifications for a wide range of conditions and exceptions.

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SOLV Trader

SOLV: Short-term trading and dispatch scheduling.

SOLV makes it easier to formulate trades based on a clear view of costs, availability and market opportunities. Even when you are managing a large diverse portfolio, the UI makes it easy to spot opportunities to capture value. Formulation of bid submissions for both day-ahead and in-day trades is streamlined and aligning dispatch plans with your traded position is automated to manage exposure and imbalance. SOLV integrates with other Quorum products to deliver a comprehensive suite of software for energy businesses.

Track availability as your position evolves

Understand how commercial commitments affect your capacity to trade and incorporate outage, constraint and weather data to determine accurate buy/sell volumes.

Streamline auction trading

Manage day-ahead auction submissions based on dynamic SRMC calculations and market data and fine tune prices according to configurable boundaries for optimum trading performance.

Capitalise on fast moving in-day actions

Knowing which assets are in the money in fast moving markets is a challenge when you manage a diverse portfolio. SOLV will identify opportunities to execute buy/sell trades to balance your position, with instantaneous updates so you can trade with confidence.

Achieve higher BM returns

Capture your position and develop a dispatch plan that schedules your production to minimise your costs and optimise the flexibility you offer in the BM. The SOLV pricing function will automate BOD submission to ensure your assets are priced attractively when your position allows you to offer flexibility.

Active battery management

SOLV ensures that your state of charge is managed to protect commercial commitments including Dynamic Containment contracts. The system automates submissions required by the system operator following BOAs and ensures that dispatch actions are managed in accordance with physical and warranty constraints.

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Your 360-degree view of the
Balancing Mechanism


Updated whenever new market messages are published by Elexon, MarketWatch processes raw data to provide invaluable settlement period information, including System Imbalance (Cash-Out) price and NIV trackers. Bid Offer prices and BMU availability and dispatch status are refreshed automatically so that you always have visibility of the latest information for each active BMU plus locational and fuel type groups.

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