25-09-2023 // Insights

Enduring Auction Capability: How to get involved

No doubt you’ve heard about the Enduring Auction Capability (EAC), NGESO’s new platform for procuring ancillary services. It’s set to launch in October 2023, replacing the existing platform hosted by EPEX. Here’s what you need to know and how to get involved.

The EAC enables providers to offer products across multiple markets – including Dynamic Containment, Dynamic Moderation, Dynamic Regulation, Quick Reserve, and Slow Reserve.

To achieve this, EAC introduces a host of new auction concepts, such as co-optimisation, splitting and stacking of services, all of which require bids to be submitted via NGESO’s GraphQL API in accordance with the EAC’s new sell-order structure.

Introducing Sentinel EAC

As the leading provider of market access interfaces, Quorum actively monitors industry changes and takes appropriate steps to ensure our customers have the right tools for the task. To that end, we’ve been busy creating a solution for EAC focused on removing the complexities so you can focus on maximising the value of your asset.

Built to the same rigorous standards as our existing market access suite, used and trusted by the majority of market participants, Sentinel EAC, is designed to streamline key auction processes whilst providing full visibility when participating in NGESO’s day-ahead auctions. This is achieved using our UI and API-enabled web service, which eliminate the need to interact directly with NGESO.

  • An Intuitive User Experience
    The Sentinel EAC UI is our new user-friendly interface for managing key EAC processes. Using the UI, you can effortlessly create, validate, and submit EAC-compliant bids and get auction results, ensuring efficient and reliable participation in auctions.
  • Seamless Integration and Automation
    Sentinel EAC seamlessly integrates with our SOLV Software Suite to interrogate real-time data from your asset. This empowers you to automatically formulate and validate accurate bid submissions, maximising your asset’s value whilst reducing user intervention.
  • All Systems Welcome
    If you want to use your own system to create bids, that’s fine with us. Our Sentinel RESTful JSON API offers multiple interface endpoints, so you can still submit and edit bids and get results from EAC through our web service.
  • Future Proof
    We want to support you for the long haul. Sentinel EAC offers a layer of abstraction allowing for the adoption of future changes to the EAC platform, including the extension of the system by NGESO to cover other product auctions.

What next?

Our advice to would-be EAC participants: It’s happening! If you want to be among the front-runners, Let’s Talk, so we can help you capture value through stacking revenue streams in day-ahead markets.

Let's Talk

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