Hosting, comms, security and support. They’re all available via our managed infrastructure services helping you to manage IT risk without having to take on major in-house costs. The service currently supports the operation of over 10GW of generation and storage assets throughout Great Britain.

Our services are designed specifically to support the delivery of electricity trading and operations around the clock, every day of the year. The power generation market requires true 24/7 availability, so we’ve designed a system that evolves to meet the changing demands of the market.

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Multiple Tier 3 data centres

We have partnered with a number of data centre providers who deliver private cloud services via their Tier 3 data centres. We work with them to identify opportunities to reinforce their core offer, aligning their performance to your needs. This means augmenting already robust infrastructure to deliver high availability.

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Automated fail-over for business continuity

Business continuity can be managed by the provision of optional replication of your system to a second data centre. The locations of our data centres reflect the geographical separation requirements stipulated by NGESO. When you opt for this service, your system will be mirrored to a second physical location to protect you in the event of an unplanned outage or disruption to service at the primary site

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Multiple links to NGESO NCC

Each data centre has both EDT and EDL links to NGESO’s NCC. Each link has redundancy built in and all are capable of supporting Black Start.

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Defence grade security - ISO27001 certified facilities

All of the data centres we use are certified to ISO27001 for data security, while some also have additional certifications to provide the defence grade security required for Critical National Infrastructure projects.

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NGESO Communications Standards compliance

As your portfolio grows, you will be required to take measures to assure the resilience of your infrastructure to ensure compliance with NGESO Communication Standards. As part of our design service, we will work with you and NGESO to ensure the infrastructure we deploy meets your needs as they change.

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Designed to align to your IT and cyber governance policies

In addition to industry codes and best practice, we recognize that you will have your own IT and cyber polices to abide by. We will work with you to align our services to your policies wherever possible.

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