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We are well versed in the dynamics of the energy market, with expertise developed from over two decades supporting customers engaged in electricity generation and trading.

We understand what insights are necessary for companies to make informed trading and pricing decisions, and we have the expertise to deliver this information. Our market-leading software retrieves, processes and presents key market data from Elexon, National Grid and other reliable sources, translating it into actionable intelligence for our customers.

Balancing Mechanism

The dynamic charts on this page show data pertinent to the GB Balancing Mechanism (BM). This includes the direction and rate of System Price change and Net Imbalance Volume (NIV) within the current BM window and a summary of scale of current balancing actions by zone.

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System Price (£/MWh)

Updated DD.MM.YY 00:00
  • +
  • -


Updated DD.MM.YY 00:00
  • Short
  • Long
  • Balanced

BM Activity by Zone

Updated DD.MM.YY 00:00
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