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Quorum illuminates at Lumiere Durham 2023

County Durham is not just our workplace; it’s our home, a place we value along with its people and community. It’s with this passion that we are sponsoring ‘Diamond Garden’, an educational artwork created as part of Lumiere Durham 2023 – the UK’s largest light art festival.

From the 16th-19th November, Lumiere will transform Durham into an open-air gallery with dazzling artwork that reimagines familiar buildings and public spaces, changing the way we experience our urban surroundings. ‘Diamond Garden’ is focused on the importance of renewable energy in today’s climate. Through the creation of the piece, primary school children were educated on the evolution of energy, from the importance of Durham’s coal history to the value of sustainable energy sources.

The project resonates deeply with Quorum. We have provided software solutions to companies engaged in the important business of keeping Britain’s lights on for over 20 years. As the energy landscape has transformed, so have we.

With a background in traditional energy sources, today we primarily work with renewable and energy storage technologies, reflecting the evolution of the energy system. Supporting over a third of the electricity generation companies in Britain, we engage closely with the industry to understand our customers changing needs, and continually develop our software platform to address the joint challenges of system security and decarbonisation.

Evolution of Britain’s Energy System

In collaboration with Lumiere, we’ve developed a timeline visualising Britain’s energy transition. Spanning from 2004 to the present day, it displays the decline of coal fired power stations and the emergence of renewable technologies. Click below to watch.

Click Here to learn more about Lumiere Durham 2023.

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