Delivering software as a service to enable energy system transformation.

We provide innovative solutions for businesses in the energy industry combining market proven applications, interfaces and cloud infrastructure backed by our outstanding experience and service.

Trading and Market Access

Interfaces to wholesale and balancing services markets for generation, storage and demand side assets.

Position Management

Dynamic management of the relationship between your commercial commitments and physical availability.

Dispatch and Monitoring

Automated dispatch, performance monitoring and metering utilising interfaces matched to your asset control systems.

Settlement and Billing

Calculation and tracking of your settlement position for BSC flows and PPAs including counterpart billing.
Quorum Platform

Expert systems for renewables, flexible generation and energy storage.

The Quorum platform brings together market proven infrastructure, applications and interfaces to provide scalable systems tailored to reflect your trading, scheduling, dispatch and settlement requirements.

Streamlined Trading and Market Access

Energy markets are changing fast and the systems needed to run an efficient trading desk need to change too. Quorum delivers efficient trading and decision support systems that enable traders to focus on capturing value instead of performing routine tasks. 

Automated availability forecasting and calculation of SRMC and spreads enables SOLV Trader to build a view of your position and formulate bids for N2EX day ahead auctions. In-day, SOLV monitors your position dynamically via our EPEX certified M7 interface to spot which assets are in-the-money and suggests trades that maximise margin or minimise imbalance according to your exposure.

SOLV Scheduler captures your position and formulates a dispatch schedule aligned to your commercial commitments before calculating the capacity available to trade in the BM and setting competitive prices for submission to NGESO.

Our market leading SaaS EDT and EDL products are the final link in the chain, enabling you to offer balancing prices to NGESO and process instructions for all balancing services that utilise EDL comms for dispatch and mode management.

Trade your renewables, flexible generation and energy storage with confidence.

Whether you trade a single asset or a large portfolio across asset classes, the Quorum  delivers software for the energy industry for the flexibility, reliability and scalability you need now and in the future.

Real Time Position Management

Track changing commercial and physical conditions and respond in real time.

Regardless of the assets you trade and operate, Quorum’s platform can accommodate technology specific behaviour to ensure that you trade out imbalance effectively and capture value in real-time markets. 

Tracking your commercial commitments and planning power delivery are intrinsically linked. Managing your position in real time across a complex asset portfolio requires systems flexible enough to accommodate the different needs of a variety of generation and storage technologies.

At Quorum we have drawn upon 20 years of industry experience across all asset classes to develop a position management solution that allows you to configure behaviour based on asset characteristics and the effects of external factors such as weather and planned outages.

By tracking your position as it changes in real time, we enable you to offer balancing volumes based on true capability and price your BM bids and offers dynamically to reflect changing market conditions. 

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Automated Dispatch and Monitoring

The decentralisation of energy systems and the introduction of new technologies bring challenges in terms of establishing robust control, dispatch and metering solutions. Quorum can bridge the gap between the markets you trade and contract with and the physical delivery of energy to fulfil the commitments you make.

We have delivered a range of control and monitoring systems as part of integrated suite of software for the energy industry to reflect the varied requirements of renewable and dispatchable generation and a growing portfolio of battery storage projects.

Automate asset control and metering via a range of industry standard interfaces.

Whatever control systems you operate, from traditional IEC and OPC based solutions to web APIs and IoT protocols like MQTT we can interface to both asset based and centralised control platforms.

Settlement and Back Office Automation

Elexon settlement synthesis and reconciliation and bespoke PPA modelling.

Tracking the financial impact of your trading and production activities requires expert systems capable of processing data drawn from a wide range of sources. 

Our settlement solution features Elexon SAA-I014 synthesis to provide early visibility of cashflow and support credit cover management, and bespoke PPA modelling to settle complex contracts with counterparties.

Revenue assurance through robust settlement management is critical. Trading, metering and performance data are all parts of the jigsaw that define your settlement position. The ability to capture, process and manage high volumes of settlement data to automate effective reporting and audit functions is central to the Quorum settlement solution.

The system replaces back-office processes that rely on spreadsheets and disparate systems by drawing source data from other Quorum applications and integration to a range of ETRMs. Our Sentinel system then becomes a central repository for all settlement related data, providing a single version of the truth that is difficult to challenge. 


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We are proud to work with many of the best known and most progressive businesses in the energy sector. 

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